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Total War: Rome Remastered
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Total War: Rome Remastered is a reissue of the famous global strategy Total War: Rome, in which the...
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Total War: Thrones of Britannia
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Total War: Thrones of Britannia is a video game that harmoniously combines elements of real–time...
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Download Total War games via torrent

Total War is a popular series of global strategies that combines turn–based and tactical modes. The Total War series can be downloaded from our website via torrent for free and without registration. At the moment, the series consists of more than ten big games and a huge variety of add-ons, which in total give hundreds of hours of exciting gameplay. Among the key projects of the studio are the following:

  1. Rome: Total War.
  2. Medieval II: Total War.
  3. Empire: Total War.
  4. Shogun 2: Total War.
  5. Total War: Attila.
  6. Total War: WARHAMMER and others.

Become a participant in total war

Each of the parts of the line takes us to a certain historical period, including:

  • The Middle Ages (Medieval II: Total War and several major additions);
  • Antiquity (Rome: Total War, Rome II: Total War and a lot of DLC);
  • Early Modern Times (Empire: Total War);
  • the era of Great Geographical Discoveries (the great DLC "The Conquest of America) and so on.

Having plunged into one of the epochs, you will always have a large selection of factions – real states that need to be brought to prosperity and power. For example, playing Rome: Total War, you can choose one of the influential houses of the republic and seize power throughout Europe and the Middle East, fighting barbarians, Byzantium and other states. In Medieval: Total War, you can become, for example, the king of England, participate in the crusades, repel the Mongols' attack and much more.

Then the developers plunge us into the fantasy universe of "Warhammer", where people, dwarves, greenskins and other fabulous races have been fighting for centuries. In this part, feudal wars and battles for money fade into the background, and the centuries-old confrontation between the forces of Evil and Good comes to the fore.

Main features of the series

The games of the Total War series amaze with their scope and an incredible number of opportunities for the development of their faction. The line is not for nothing considered the brightest representative of the strategy genre – it has the following distinctive features:

  • a huge virtual world that needs to be explored for weeks on end is entire continents with dozens of hostile states;
  • a wide selection of factions, where each has its own advantages and disadvantages – all have their own units, buildings, historical goals and religion;
  • the ability to pump technologies – they can significantly strengthen the army, economy and other spheres of state life;
  • the construction of cities and the establishment of infrastructure – you choose which way to develop the settlement;
  • a developed system of diplomacy and trade – they are a powerful tool and will help you conquer the world even without bloodshed;
  • tactical battles in real time, where you can control an army of thousands;
  • interesting script events that add realism to the project;
  • advanced physics of unit movements;
  • the opportunity to train and modernize the army and navy;
  • colorful naval battles, striking in their scope and realism.

Total War is also a wonderful level of graphics, which is considered revolutionary for each of the parts of the series. Just to think that more than ten thousand warriors can come together in one battle – gamers have not seen such large-scale battles yet. No less striking was the detail of the strategic map, which was also drawn in as much detail as possible and resembles a globe.

Total War is an exclusive series of strategies for PC, which can be downloaded from our website for free. To do this, you just need to use the torrent program.